The purpose of the Indian Hill Recreation Commission is to provide recreational opportunities and athletic programs for residents of the Village of Indian Hill and the students of the Indian Hill School District.
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New Rec Cheerleading Program
The purpose of the IH Rec Cheerleading Program is to offer girls...
The Indian Hill Recreation Commission
The Indian Hill Recreation Commission   Elected Officers: Dan...
New Rec Cheerleading Program

The purpose of the IH Rec Cheerleading Program is to offer girls and boys another option for a fall sport.  Each squad cheers for the IH Rec Football team of the same grade level.  Instruction is focused on proper cheerleading technique, cheers, chants, jumps, dance, basic gymnastics, and spirited fun!!!!!  Obligations and costs are listed below:

*Stop by either of the mandatory, in-person registration sessions on Sunday, May 2nd or Saturday, May 9th any time between 9:00 - 12:00.  Registration is in the IH Rec Office.  Paperwork, uniform fittings, and fee payments can be taken care of in about 15 minutes.  Please do not forget to bring a copy of the child's birth certificate, a recent photograph, and your checkbook.

*Costs for the season:

     1.  Recreation Fee:  $30

     2.  Uniform (top and skirt):  $70  (for new participants or ones needing replacements)

     3.  Accessory Pack (turtleneck, briefs, socks, and poms):  $20

     4.  Braves Hair Bow:  $10

     5.  Monogrammed Cheer Bag:  $20 (optional but popular!)

     6.  Brave Summer Cheerleading Camp Aug. 3rd - 8th from 1:00 - 4:00 in the IH Middle    

               School gym:  $100  (optional but HIGHLY recommended!!!)  Camp registration 

               can be taken care of during regular cheerleading registration.

*Parent Coaches needed!!!!  The new league that our program joined requires a separate coach for each grade level.  No experience necessary!  Once all volunteers are in place, there will be a "coach's meeting" in late May or early June to map out the season...another new league requirement.  If in fact there is a grade level that doesn't have a coach volunteer, there will not be a cheerleading squad for that age group.  Please don't let that happen!!!!!

*March in the Indian Hill 4th of July parade with the Middle School and High School cheerleaders if in town.  A festival at Stephan Field follows.  More details to come!

*Attend mandatory practices twice a week beginning Monday, Aug. 10th.  (Only 2 weeks before the first games!) Practice is from 5:00 - 6:00 at Stephan Field.  1st and 2nd graders practice on Mondays and Wednesdays.  3rd, 4th 5th, and 6th graders practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

*Attend all scheduled football games (which are now all on Saturdays) as well as end-of-season playoff games.  A copy of the 2015 season's schedule will be available at registration.

*Mandatory participation in the S.O.Y.F.A.I. Cheerleading Expo on Sunday, Sept. 20th.  It is an all day affair in which every squad from every team performs a cheerleading routine for everyone else.  Parents will be solicited for volunteer positions.


Please direct any questions to Leigh Anne Meurer at: or (513) 582-0040

by posted 04/26/2015
The Indian Hill Recreation Commission

The Indian Hill Recreation Commission
Elected Officers: Dan Robinett – Chairman, John Rabenold – Vice-Chair, Scott Holzapfel – Treasurer, John Meegan – Secretary.  Village Employee: Jack Alley – Recreation Program Coordinator. Contact: email: or Office Phone: 979-6212
Population served: The Indian Hill School District, the Village of Indian Hill, and Cincinnati Country Day. Note: This is because Country Day is located within the Village boundaries – St. Gertrude and Rockwern Academy students are not included because those school buildings are not within Village boundaries. Those students who live in the Indian Hill School District boundaries qualify regardless of the school they attend.
Fall –
     Soccer: Ages 2 ½ to 19 – players are grouped by birth date – BOYS and GIRLS
     Volleyball: Grades 3-6 - GIRLS
     Cross Country: Grades 4-6 (3rd graders who can run long distances may participate   
      also) - BOYS AND GIRLS
     Cheerleading: Grades 1-6 - BOYS AND GIRLS
Winter –
      Basketball: Grades 2-12 - BOYS AND GIRLS
Spring –
     Lacrosse: Grades kindergarten through Grade 6 - BOYS AND GIRLS
     Soccer: Ages 3 ½ to 17 – players are grouped by birth date – BOYS and GIRLS
     Track: Grades kindergarten through Grade - 6 BOYS AND GIRLS
     Baseball and Coach Pitch: Grades kindergarten through Grade 11 – BOYS AND
Summer –
     Summer Tennis at Stephan Field
     Challenger Soccer Camp at Camp Livingston
Village Easter Egg Hunt –
     Held the Sunday before Easter
Shawnee Mile Run –
     Held the morning of the 4th of July Parade

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